CityFolk Volunteer

CityFolk Festival: Festival Site at Lansdowne Park

We are so glad to see that you are either a returning CityFolk volunteer or considering volunteering with us for the first time in 2022! We are thrilled to welcome you back to an exciting festival year with you. As you may know, we are located in Lansdowne Park, a beautiful, central, urban location that will bring many new exciting things to our festival CityFolk.

 Whether you’re a returning volunteer or looking to volunteer at CityFolk for the first time, we hope to see you all in September!

Early Bird: Opened Tuesday, August 9th!

***To see CityFolk volunteer opportunities, check out our Volunteer Team Behind Bluesfest website:***

Are there any volunteer opportunities for CityFolk 2022?

Absolutely!  We will be inviting our Early Birds back and opening up our new volunteer applications in early August. To receive updates sign up for our newsletter HERE

Do I get to see shows for free?

Definitely! That’s one of the great benefits of volunteering at CityFolk. You can see shows on your days off, and before or after shifts. To be entitled to free admission throughout the festival, you must attend all of the shifts that you sign up for.

  • New volunteers: You must attend Orientation Night or complete your first volunteer shift before attending any shows.
  • Returning volunteers: If you’re in good standing, you will be able to go to shows before your first shift.

How many shifts do I have to sign up for?

We ask that you sign up for a minimum of 3 shifts, although some Crews may require more. Each shift is approximately 4 hours long but can vary depending on the Crew’s requirements. Please read over the duties and requirements of any Crew you may be considering volunteering for to make sure that you can meet the expectations of the position for the length of your shift.

How old do I have to be to volunteer for CityFolk?

In order to volunteer with us, you need to be at least 14 years old by the beginning of the festival—so this year, that’s by Thursday, September 8, 2022. 

Keep in mind there are certain Crews that have different age requirements (i.e. any position involved in serving or selling alcohol has a minimum age of 18).

Why can’t I volunteer with more than one Crew?

Having our volunteers work all their shifts with one Crew helps us to keep things consistent, both for our leaders and for you. For our leaders, this means being able to trust that volunteers know what’s expected of them and for our volunteers, it means being given the opportunity to support their team and contribute to their success. Our Crew Leaders also depend on the experience of their team to keep things running smoothly and to help new volunteers get the hang of the day-to-day activities & familiarize them with the expectations of their Crew.

However, if you hate routine and love the unknown, check out our Floaters team! Members of this team fill in across the festival in whatever Crew needs a little extra support—so who knows what you’ll end up doing!