If you would like to apply to cover CityFolk, please send your request for access to Joe Reilly at folkfestmedia@hotmail.com

Please do the following to ease the accreditation process: State “Media access to CityFolk for insert name of your outlet here” as your subject line.

Indicate the following in your e-mail:

  • The media organization you are working for; the format (broadcast, print or on-line).
  • How you plan to preview the festival so your readers, viewers, followers know about the CityFolk Festival before it happens.
  • How you plan to present your coverage (review, feature, blog, etc.).
  • The dates for which you are requesting access (not the acts, the dates please).
  • The number of passes you require (if more than one, why more than one?).
  • The readership, viewership, listenership for your media outlet (if  website or blog, how many hits are you receiving? Sending along a screenshot of your Google Analytics will go a long way towards authenticating your claims.).
  • Do you require a photo pass? If so, how do you intend to use photos of the artists? (Please see important photo notes below.)

Please be brief in your explanations.

Media access is for general admission areas only and does not provide access to special seating areas, backstage, photo pits, etc.

We will be in touch if you have been granted accreditation or if we have any questions.

IMPORTANT NOTES re: photography at CityFolk

You must sign a waiver when you are granted a photo pass. This waiver does not guarantee pit access for major acts. The purpose of the waiver is to confirm that you will ONLY be using the respective artist images that you are permitted to capture for your media outlet only and that those images will not be available for sale to third parties. Freelance photographers will not be accredited.

Photo Pit Access

A media photographer’s pass is good for General Admission (GA) access with SLR cameras (typically not permitted onsite). Photo pit access granted with these passes is a privilege that is NOT guaranteed. When permitted, photo pit access is for the first three songs (no flash) for most performances, with the exception of headline acts. 

For headliners, access to the photo pit is widely restricted to major media outlets with a minimum of 10,000 daily readers, pending tour management’s approval.

Photo calls for major acts will take place each night, 15-30 minutes before the acts hit the stage. Access to front-of-stage photo areas will NOT be granted until approved by artist management. Please remember that these restrictions are often imposed due to safety concerns and are ultimately decided by tour management, not festival organizers. 

Band Crew/Photographers 

If you are affiliated with a band or artist and shooting for them, then you must obtain access to the festival site and passes to shoot the act via the band. We will not be accepting requests from freelancers assigned to photograph bands or from filmmakers.