Tennessee Cree

September 12

A self-taught folk/ Americana singer-songwriter, Kevin started life living a traditional Cree upbringing in the Moose Factory, Ontario area. From early age through his teen years, he lived a life of music and adventure, from being sent away to live in boarding schools while relocating, to a stint in Nashville pursuing music, and later back into Toronto and then Ottawa. In 2006, he went on a journey to Nashville in pursuit of his musical career, where his vocal style reminiscent of Johnny Cash earned him the name “The Tennessee Cree”, a play on Cash’s back-up band the Tennessee Three, the moniker his famous backup band would call itself.

Through the land, his life experience and unique musical journey, he went on from a moniker that was a wink and a nod to a clear influence to his sound, to create a unique blend of country folk, americana and traditional Cree songs that is tasteful, moving, mature and unique.  Proud father, grandfather and singer-songwriter, the Tennessee Cree tells a tale of passion and mystery, written in poetry and songs of powerful lyrics, and sometimes even, great wisdom.

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